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Overlay charts

We’ve been asked how to realize an overlay chart and how to place multiple ranges inside a single chart, so this article will show, using a simple example, how to do this.

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Release 2.6.1 Update 1

Today, we released the update 1 of our current version 2.6.1. This update is a pure service update and only contains bug fixes and small convenience improvements but no unknown features. As usual, you can download the update from our download page and you’ll find the release notes of the update in this post.

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JDBC drivers

Before you can connect a database server with instantOLAP or any other Java application, you need a to install a matching database driver. For Java systems, you will need a driver which implements the Java JDBC standard and almost all database vendors provide a JDBC driver for their product.

Because of copyright reasons, only a few drivers are included in the instantOLAP standard distribution (an open source driver for Sybase and Microsoft SQL-Server and a second driver for HSQLDB databases). For all other database servers, you can find the driver in the internet. This is a list of the common database servers and some internet addresses where to find the driver.

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