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Implementing data-based user access rules

Some of our customers asked how to implement access rules (for dimensions and keys) based on data stored in their database. This is useful e.g. for sales information systems where sales representives only may see customers of the region they are responsible for and if this representive/region relationship is stored in the database.

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„Query too complex“?

Because instantOLAP is usable as „adhoc“ ROLAP tool, there is a maximum complexity for reports and a maximum number of loadable cube cells. When using adhoc-cubes, the system has to determine where to load which data from and which data is needed to populate the result or to calculate formulas.

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instantOLAP 2.5.0

Today, we released the new version 2.5.0 of instantOLAP, including a large number of backend improvements and a brand new AJAX frontend. You will find all downloads for the new version on our new download page and a new version of the manual and reference on the documentation page. Also, there is a new Online Demo for version 2.5.0.

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Welcome to

New site

Welcome to On our new product page you will find, like before, all downloads, documentation and sales information related to our Business Intelligence product „instantOLAP“.

But we will also use this place as a platform to publish HowTo’s, news and other articles. You have a question which may also interest other customers, you want to publish your success story or you have an idea which should be discussed in the open? Just drop a mail to

New logo

If you don’t visit the first time, you might have recognized the new version of our logo. From the new version 2.5 of instantOLAP, this will become our „offical“ logo.

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