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Tuning disk access in instantOLAP


instantOLAP uses an extremely fast internal database system to store its dimensions, stores, caches and other information on the harddisk. Though the performance is good enough for the very most situations, you can even boost it by changing some server settings, depending on your server memory, harddisk, operating system or Java version.

This small HowTo addresses the administrator of your system and shows how, and where, to change the settings if you need more performance for your dimensions and stores. Continue reading this article and boost your system.

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How to update instantOLAP in Apache Tomcat

tomcatOf course, you could just download the new installer of instantOLAP and install the application in the same path again. But this has a number of disadvantages: 1. The download of the complete installation is much larger, 2. all of your personal settings in the server or for the instantOLAP would get lost and 3. the demo reports and the access rights and some other repository elements will be re- or overwritten with its original state again.

Therefore, this article describes, how to update instantOLAP when using the Apache Tomcat application server with some easy steps. The Tomcat server is included in the standard distribution of instantOLAP.

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instantOLAP tutorial – Lesson 1: Installation

Since many things have changed between the versions 2.2 and 2.5, we will upgrade and extend our tutorial and to post it here lesson by lesson. This is the first part and it contains the basics like how to install and start the server:

  • Downloading and installing instantOLAP
  • Starting and stopping the server
  • Connecting the server with the Workbench
  • Installing a license-code
  • Opening the Web-Frontend

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