Release 3.1 update 4

Today, we released the last update for version 3.1. This update contains some chart enhancements, a new meter chart type, fixes some compability issues with newer browsers and contains performance improvements for stores. Also, a number of bugfixes have been added to this release.

instantOLAP Meter Chart

A full list of all new features and bugfixes is part of this post and the current download.

Release notes



  • When using a table design in the query-designer, the design name is only stored in the new „Design“ property of report tables and design is calculated every time the report is executed. This will keep the table design always  consistent, even if new headers have been added to the table. All designs are  now stored in a hidden XML file „.design“ in the repository and may be changed. You may also change the „default“ design, which applies to ALL tables.
  • The new ChartType „Meter“ displays (single) values as a gauge
  • Better support for overlay charts in the new chart engine
  • Charts have a better size in PDF exports. Different charts in a report will have the same (relative) size in the export.
  • A SOAP retry count property has been added to the frontend web.xml. If greater than zero, the webservice clients of the portal will perform n retries if a connect fails. Increase this value if you see frequently connection errors within your network.
  • Fixed report links for IOS 9 / Safari.
  • The marquee feature in comments is now compatible with IE
  • The „Send To Parent“ property for selector bars has been removed
  • Bugfix: Exporting report with new charts could raise an error
  • Bugfix: Setting width didn’t work with empty headers
  • Bugfix: In newer Firefox versions, the property names in the property view of the editor exceeded their available space.
  • Bugfix: Input fields in reports lost their style in new Firefox versions


  •  The new configuration „Concurrent store builds“ and „Max store loads“ allow to load the SQL data for multiple stores and/or to aggregate multiple stores  at the same time. This can decrease the overall store build-time in a  significant matter.
  • For imported models, the imported dimensions can be specified now
  • The „dynamic“ storage model for dimensions have been removed
  • NullIDs are always mapped to key-IDs in SQL-Cubes, even if the mapping itself is using attribute mapping


  • A new version of the embedded Browser was added, which is compatible with IE11
  • Better performance for the cube editor
  • A new summarize row has been added for the store-view in the model-info
  • Bugfix: The scrollbars in the cube didn’t work properly sometimes, this was fixed with the last update

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