Release 3.1 update 1

Today, we released the update 1 of our newest version 3.1. The new update adds, additionaly to some minor improvements and bug fixes, an interactive online documentation to the web query editor – simply click onto a property name to display the newest documentation for a property.


Together with this update, we provide a complete new query reference with dozends of new screenshots and descriptions. In the next update, we will also add the interactive documentation to the Workbench, both for the query and configuration editor.

Continue reading to see the release notes for 3.1 update 1.

Release notes


  • Online documentation added to the property editor of the report editor. Just click onto a property with the mouse to display the documentation for a certain property.
  • Export format „XSLX“ added to automation tasks (export and mail).
  • The table designer now uses SCREENY() to colorize every 2nd row. This will give you good results, even if the query suppresses some of the table rows.


  • A new property „Cache Grants“ was added to the dimensions. When activated, the system will cache the access rules for certain users and keys. When using complex access rules, this can improve the performance of the system.


  • Report names are shown behind the file names in the explorer

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