Release 2.5.1

A new release 2.5.1 has been published, including a couple of frontend- and performance-improvements, an included Web-Browser for the Workbench and some new functions, properties and bug fixes. You’ll find the release-notes for the new version, including all changes, appended to this post.

To download the new version use the links on our updated download page.

26.01.2009: Release 2.5.1


  • Improved performance when building offline cubes.
  • Offline cubes now have a „granularity“ property with which you can control if small aggregations with < granularity values will be performed adhoc when executing a query instead when building the store. This reduces the offline size and build-duration in exchange for query-execution performance.
  • The new property „Use Offline Aggregation“ allows to send queries without anyaggregation or group by when building a offline-store. This can be very helpful when load base-level data from a database.
  • The property „Offline SQL Fetch Size“ allows to limit the number of SQL rows kept in the memory. Some database will load the complete SQL result in memory if this property is not set and this can cause memory-trouble.
  • The „Offline aggreation“ property for facts allows to set the aggregation type for facts manually. With this property it is also possible to aggregate facts using „COUNT DISTINCT“, e.g. by summarizing them.
  • The internal database-system has been refactored.
  • The new operator „!“ is now usable as shortcut for the NOT function.
  • The expression-parser first compares dimension-names instead of function-names with expression. This allows to use dimensions with names equal to functions,  however the function then becomes unreachable.
  • The function „DRILLLEVEL“ is now useable inside drilldown-iterations which makes it much easier to implement cross-dimensional drilldowns.
  • A new function „COALESCE“ was intruduced and returns the first non-null value of all its arguments.
  • The default omit-factor for dimension-mappings (in SQL cubes) is now 0.75.
  • The name of the „.license“ file can now be configured in the web.xml of the backend. Change the property if you want to share a repository between iolap-servers with different versions.
  • Bugfix: The expression-optimizer had a performance leak when optimizing long join lists.
  • Bugfix: Using „Suppress rows“ and sort-properties in header could cause problems.


  • A new search explorer was added to the explorers at the left border. This explorer allows to search for queries by their name.
  • Input-fields now inherit the background-color, font etc. from their containing field.
  • Exported Excel sheets now have fixed headers.
  • Hierarchy-Selector now use the dimension-root as default if no other default was set (to be compatible with 2.2.x).
  • Bugfix: Link-Targets „_blank“ now open new tabulators for the target-page.
  • Bugfix: Exporting reports wasnt able when they contained umlauts in their  title.


  • The Workbench now comes with an integrated FireFox Browser for better cross platform compability.
  • A new „Span body“ property for Pivot-Tables now allows to span also the inner content of a table.
  • Bugfix: The preview didn’t work with reports located in the root-folder of the repository.
  • Bugfix: The preview-session timed out after a couple of minutes and are now kept alive like „normal“ web-sessions.

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