Release 2.6.1 Update 1

Today, we released the update 1 of our current version 2.6.1. This update is a pure service update and only contains bug fixes and small convenience improvements but no unknown features. As usual, you can download the update from our download page and you’ll find the release notes of the update in this post.

20.01.2010: Release 2.6.1 Update 1


  • The automatic synchronization of dependent and indirect-dependent dimensions now ignores the cron patterns of the other dimensions and always synchronizes them.
  • KeyLoaders now always set the name of their target level, even if they don’t load any key from the datasource. This only works for loaders nested under the root key of the dimension structure.
  • Bugfix: A possible deadlock of model data files was eliminated. This deadlock could have cause non-removable locks on models.
  • Bugfix: TimeKeyLoaders with combined weeks and years in their pattern didn’t correct the year properly for end 2009 / beginning 2010.
  • Bugfix: Stores using Where-Only mappings threw exceptions while building.


  • The model tree of the Analyzer now offers some standard expressions like the Query Editor.
  • The server now disallows the Browser to cache the startup HTML file of the Portal.
  • Bugfix: Rendering-problems with overlay charts have been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Reports with complex selectors did sometimes not appear before using the „Execute“ button.
  • Bugfix: The Expression Editor can now be closed with empty expression without displaying an error message.
  • Bugfix: The dropdown fields of classic Hierarchy selectors are now expanded to the full selector size in IE now.
  • Bugfix: Interval selectors did not display two equal default values correctly


  • The Workbench offers a new property „Adjust Year To Weeks“ for TimeKeyLoaders which allows to disable the automatic year correction for patterns combining both weeks and years.
  • Bugfix: A possible deadlock while displaying properties for a currently loading model was removed.
  • Bugfix: The webstart version of the Workbench killed existing named sessions even if the user denied to kill them.

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