Release 2.6.1 Update 2

An update of our current version 2.6.1 is available for download. Like the previous update, it contains some small improvements and bug-fixes but no major changes. The next major release of instantOLAP will be version 2.7 and is scheduled for summer 2010. Find the release notes for this update attached to this article.

Release Notes


  • Expression now accept the escape characters \\‘ or \\“ to use delimiters in strings
  • TimeKeyloader Attributes are now also adjust the years to weeks when the owning KeyLoader has its property „Adjust Years To Weeks“ set to „true“
  • Better performance for list reports
  • Better performance for the MATRIX function


  • Large logos are scaled to fit when exporting PDF documents
  • Bugfix: Interval selectors now accept two equal default values
  • Bugfix: The SuggestBox selector now selects values when using the tabulator key
  • Bugfix: Better screen layout for the Automation Manager when editing email automations


  • Better performance when rendering configurations with many dimensions and cubes

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