Release 2.6.1 update 3

Update 3 for our current relase 2.6.1 is available. It contains a few bugfixes and small improvements, like better cache management for browsers. As usual, you can download the update from our download page and the release notes are attached to this post.

28.06.2010: Release 2.6.1 Update 3


  • Two new properties („First Day Of Week“ and „Min Days In First Week“) allow to fine-tune the TimeKeyLoader – e.g. you can generate ISO compatible calenders now
  • Instead of „= NULL“, the SQL Generator now generates „IS NULL“
  • Faster communication between the server and the frontend or Workbench
  • Better detection of the return type for the LOOKUP method (which is eg. important when using a LOOKUP in the „Options“ property of a selector)
  • Bugfix: Dimensions and offline stores with the same name could cause trouble in distributed environments


  • Dynamic loading of suggestions for the SuggestSelector – the number of possible options is nearly unlimited now
  • For SuggestSelectors, the correct text is now displayed when exporting a report
  • Better caching-strategy for files, the browser will immediately reload changed resources from the repository
  • Better performance for the ExpressionEditor, the model-tree at the left side now loads async
  • Bugfix: The default of a HierarchyTreeSelector was not visually selected if it was another key than the root key


  • The default Tomcat installation is now configured not to expand the WAR archives for easier updates

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