Release 3.0 update 2

Today we released the last update for 2011. Version 3.0 update 2 contains a number of performance improvements, bug fixes and new minor features.

Continue reading and find the relases notes for update attached to this post.

Release notes


  • Like version 2.7 or less, 3.0 now uses IFrames to display large tables. This increases the performance and lowers the memory usage of the Browsers.
  • A new block format „googlechart“ has been added. GoogleCharts allow to add interactive charts like maps or sortable tables.
  • A new attribute „suggestion count“ has beed added to SuggestBoxes. The number of suggestions was by default 20 but can be changed with this attribute now.
  • Progress bars now display the current duration of a process (in seconds).
  • A new print argument „USER“ was added and can be used in word templates as field.
  • Invisible rows and columns are no longer exported (before they only had the width or height 0).
  • Word-Templates can now be addressed relativley (e.g. with a path „../templates/“).
  • The frontend now longer reports „Query killed“ when restarting a running report. The message was also caused by interacting and reloading selectors with „Use Filter = true“.
  • CTRL-A is now also supported for Chrome and Safari Browsers in the property editor.
  • The send automation now has a „Query String“ property which allows to set the filter for a report. This allows to send the same report multiple times with different selection.
  • The „Add automation“ menu item of the query viewer now opens a dialog which allows to edit the Query String for an automation (like in the bookmark editor).
  • The Folder Editor now warns about changed content when closing it.
  • Bugfix: The color editor throwed error messages when editing complex color expressions or multiple colors (comma separated).
  • Bugfix: The query editor created two comment blocks when using the „add block/ comment“ menu item.
  • Bugfix: Some minor display bugs in tables with fixed headers, mainly for IE, have been fixed.
  • Bugfix: A pagebreak caused an error when a report was exported as Word or PDF documents.
  • Bugfix: The vertical space for rotated texts in Word or PDF exports was too small.
  • Bugfix: Bold fonts now work better in Word and PDF exports.
  • Bugfix: Visible = false did not hide blocks when exporting to Excel.
  • Bugfix: Charts with title were to small in „Fit To Screen“ mode.
  • Bugfix: Firefox somtimes suppressed the left or upper border of a table.


  • The server now logs filters AND parameters (e.g. from names selectors) on DEBUG level.
  • An escape character ^ was added to expressions (e.g. use ^\ to add the character \ to an expression).
  • The colors for exception can now be modified in the iolapWS.xml file.
  • Store warnings are logged unique now, you’ll no longer see the same key being reported over and over again.
  • The new Property „Always show corner“ allows to show the corner of a query even if no X- or Y-axis exists (e.g. for empty list reports).
  • The new Property „Show empty headers“ allows to remove empty headers if the iteration returned no keys.
  • Bugfix: The timeouts for model builds were possibly too short when starting multiple models at the same time.
  • Bugfix: Models with fatal errors (e.g. broken XML files) weren’t displayed in the ModelManager.
  • Bugfix: Stores were build with „Build offline stores = false“ when they did no exist at model startup and had a cron pattern.
  • Bugfix: The cache caused problems with reports using the LineDimension (List reports).


  • The Workbench now shows both the license number and the first for characters of license code in the license manager.
  • Configurations can be cryted and decrypted with a password now.
  • Bugfix: The chart generator added an invalid paramter „samplevaluecolors“ (This caused error messages in the server log).
  • Bugfix: Table links where created without the ‚ delimiter, causing error messages when linking tables with spaces or illegal characters in their name.

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