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Remote control your OLAP server

There is an almost unknown tool within every instantOLAP installation, the instantOLAP Console, which allows to remote-control your instantOLAP server and to start, stop or rebuild models, to rebuild single dimensions or cubes or to perform a number of other operations.

The tool is very useful whenever instantOLAP loads its data from a data-warehouse and you want to rebuild certain models, dimensions or cubes after the ETL tool rebuild the warehouse or added new data to it.

This article describes, how to use the tool from batch-files or other Java applications (most ETL tools can call native Java commands) and which operations are available.

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Release 2.6.0

From today, the release 2.6.0 is available for download on our download page.

If you haven’t read about 2.6 before, have a look into our previous article Whats new in 2.6?. At a glance, the version has some nice frontend improvements, it is faster and uses less memory, it is easier to use and it contains less restrictions. Read the release notes in this article for a complete list of all improvements and fixes.

And version 2.6 contains a free administrator license for each new or existing customer. This also means, you will no longer need to request an evaluation license if you want to download and test instantOLAP. Just download the software, install it and start using the it without any time limit.

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How to update instantOLAP in Apache Tomcat

tomcatOf course, you could just download the new installer of instantOLAP and install the application in the same path again. But this has a number of disadvantages: 1. The download of the complete installation is much larger, 2. all of your personal settings in the server or for the instantOLAP would get lost and 3. the demo reports and the access rights and some other repository elements will be re- or overwritten with its original state again.

Therefore, this article describes, how to update instantOLAP when using the Apache Tomcat application server with some easy steps. The Tomcat server is included in the standard distribution of instantOLAP.

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