Release 2.6.0

From today, the release 2.6.0 is available for download on our download page.

If you haven’t read about 2.6 before, have a look into our previous article Whats new in 2.6?. At a glance, the version has some nice frontend improvements, it is faster and uses less memory, it is easier to use and it contains less restrictions. Read the release notes in this article for a complete list of all improvements and fixes.

And version 2.6 contains a free administrator license for each new or existing customer. This also means, you will no longer need to request an evaluation license if you want to download and test instantOLAP. Just download the software, install it and start using the it without any time limit.

Release notes

19.08.2009: Release 2.6.0


  • The rebuild of dimensions and stores (former offline cubes) is now synchronized and executed in the same transacation, now stores are immediatley rebuild if any of their dimensions change and are publish at the same time as their dimension. Therefore, stores can now longer become „outaged“ as in previous versions.
  • The size of ToDo-lists is no longer limited as before, the „Query too complex“ can no longer appear. Also, the ToDo processing now is 100% faster and uses exponential less memory.
  • Imported dimension use less memory now and are synchronized faster. Imported models are therefore automatically started whenever an importing model is started.
  • Models can now be shut down while they are synchronizing their dimensions or stores
  • Less overall memory consumption
  • File caches are now automatically deleted an re-initialized whenever they are corrupted
  • New MDX-Functions and operators: UniqueName and StrToElement
  • Now, calculated MDX members with other return types than „Set“ are also supported
  • Bugfix: The JOIN operator returned an empty result if the first argument was a single value and the user had no access-rights for this value
  • Bugfix: The stores can now also contain non-aggregated facts and aggregate  them manually
  • Bugfix: Sometimes the ROWNUM function displayed „0“ in each row


  • Two new selector types have been added to the frontend: Calendar ranges and SuggestBox (which offer possible options while the user types into the box)
  • Selector groups have a new property „Popup“ which allows to convert a group into a space saving popup selector
  • Negative values are now also colored red in the Excel export
  • Better performance for Input selectors
  • The repository no longer collapses when beeing refreshed
  • New properties have beed added for overlay charts and allow display multiple ranges within the same chart
  • The metrics for tables (needed cell-width and heights) are now calculated more accurate
  • A fixed snapshot folder can now be set up for the frontend. If used, the users automatically save their snapshots in this folder without beeing asked for a file path before (like in version 2.2)
  • Bugfix: The Excel export threw an error if the left padding of a cell was defined as double value
  • Bugfix: The current value of input fields was not exported to PDF or Excel files
  • Bugfix: Sended files did always have the extension „.pdf“, independet of their type
  • Bugfix: The save as dialog now only shows folder with admin access for the current user
  • Bugfix: The login dialog now also forgets the last user name even if the „remember user“ option is not selected.
  • Bugfix: The access-rights for the bookmark folder „.boomarks“ are now ignored, every user can store data here
  • Bugfix: The bookmark editor was messed up for arguments with multiple values
  • Bugfix: The input selector now matches all result-elements again its options
  • Bugfix: The Browser shows no longer endless „loading“ after an empty query was executed
  • Bugfix: The frontend offered edit rights for a folder if only some of the contained files was editable but not the folder itself


  • A complete new structure for offline cubes was introduced: Now cubes can contain as many „stores“ as you want, each with a different combination of dimensions and fact. The configuration of stores is much easier than before,  just add dimensions and facts using checkboxes to the store and determine  their aggregation type (if wanted) – thats it.
  • Cubes can now optionally still exist even if an offline version (store) of  them is active. In this case, the online cube is listed *behind* its offline versions.
  • A new „Notes“ was added to the configuration editor and allows administrators  to add notes to their configuration files
  • The process manager now shows the current progress of a progress
  • A new „Edit“ button was added to the model manager which allows to open the configuration editor for a specific model directley from the manager
  • The model-info now displays the number of warnings and error for a store in the cube tab
  • The auto mapping for dimensions is no longer stored in the dimension itself and still keeps valid even if a dimension structure has changed
  • Virtual tables (aliases) and virtual columns (expression) now have their own  symbol in the database explorer to make them visible for the administrator
  • A new refactoring was added which deletes all references (links etc) using an  table-alias after the alias was deleted
  • Bugfix: If you start a model out of the model-info panel, the panel now waits until the model was loaded
  • Bugfix: The preview inside the Workbench displayed „Unknown host“ if the  server wasn’t able to resolve its own domain-name.
  • Bugfix: The mousewheel now also works while the mouse stands over the mapping panels in the cube editor
  • Bugfix: Drag&Drop did no longer work after a user was moved in the user  manager
  • Bugfix: When a configuration was changed and saved, the new dimension version have published to the productive model. This still happens but cannot block  the Workbench any more when waiting for a model lock.
  • Bugfix: The mouswheel function in the ERM editor now works vice versa (moving the wheel forward zooms into the chart)
  • Bugfix: The properties of the currently selected element are still displayed after clicking onto a database or repository element

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