Release 2.7.0 update 1

Update 1 for release 2.7.0 was released today. It contains some bugfixes and small improvements – continue reading to find out  the changes in the release notes. The new release is available for download on our download page.

Release Notes

03.03.2010: Release 2.7.0 update 1


  • Better transaction control for Stores
  • Better progress display for Stores
  • The DIV function now only write a warning into the log if the second argument has more than one value
  • A new function GETDAYOFWEEK was added
  • A new property „Connection Properties“ for database connections was added
  • Bugfix: Less bugs in the server log for suspended dimension- and store-databases
  • Bugfix: List reports with data from multiple SQL statements now work


  • A new query parameter „Auto Execute Body“ allows to disable to automatic generation of the report body. When set to „false“, the body will only be generated if the users uses the execute button. This allows to do all selections in a report without performing the query itself.
  • Line breaks in comments are supported now
  • Bugfix: Files with equal names were suppressed
  • Bugfix: The font size and weight of comments is now used in PDF and Excel exports

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