instantOLAP 3.0 update 1

The first service release for the version 3 is available on our download page. The update contains a number of bugfixes and compability enhancements for reports from older versions. Continue reading for a complete list of all changes.

Release notes


  • Selectors now lose their selection if their options change and the old selection is not part of the new options
  • Better start zoom for Geo Charts (the charts fills the block 100% now) andmore data types for shape DBF files supported
  • Hierarchy selectors now also support hierarchies with missing levels (in example if the user has no access to a whole level)
  • The new reset button for queries resets all selectors to their default selection
  • Better IE support for tables with fixed headers
  • Better performance for the model tree in the query editor with large models
  • Dimensions are now displayed with their caption in the query editor
  • Scrollbars added for selectors wider than the Browser window
  • The automation editor in the Browser now allows to edit the iteration
  • The visible property for selectors and selector groups is now supported
  • Wider color editor (the toolbar wasn’t completely visible in all Browsers)
  • The report title is now optionally visible in Fit-To-Screen mode (use the new property „Show Property“)
  • Table block with ONLY width or height now also become scrollable tables
  • The block title now fits to the font size
  • Icon paths for folders and reports can be relative now
  • The new „Search from Start“ property for SuggestBoxes allows to search for Items beginning (instead of containing) the text
  • The __hidePortal parameter is now only valid for a single window instead for the whole session
  • The new property „fontFolder“ allows to locate the font folder for PDF export  if the system is unable to locate it automatically
  • Bugfix: SuggestBoxes inside a popup selector group have been displayed behind the group
  • Bugfix: The needSelection property now works with input fields
  • Bugfix: The permalinks are now selectable in Chrome and Safari
  • Bugfix: A font size in comments caused an IOException when exporting to Excel
  • Bugfix: Rotated headers fixed
  • Bugfix: The query converter for reports from older versions now also converts tables with multiple sub-queries
  • Bugfix: Default selection for Interval Selectors is now displayed
  • Bugfix: A deadlock situation opened too many threads and caused memory problems
  • Bugfix: Better cleanup for temporary files
  • Bugfix: FileUpload now works with Chrome and Safari Browsers


  • SQL Expression can be used in Table Links now
  • Cache size and compression level for dimension and store files are now configurable with properties
  • Better performance for file caches
  • Values without a mapping are mapped to the root key when loaded into a Store. This makes totals equal to the values queried from an adhoc cube.
  • Better read performance for Stores
  • New Function YTDR (equal to YTD but with support for large filters with multiple keys)
  • The FORECAST function now returns NULL values instead of NaN for unpredictable cells
  • The engine is now fully compatible with reports from version 2.2 – 2.6 (By default, ToDo lists are generated cell wise)
  • Improved access control (if the root key is read protected, all headers with the key will be removed even if they do not iterate over the protected dimension)
  • Bugfix: Filter for Blocks and Reports fixed
  • Bugfix: Match for multiple Stores for the same adhoc cube fixed
  • Bugfix: Selectors with name and key options now select the id of the keys (was <dimension>:'<id>‘ before)

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